Pure-Legit Shilajit LEVEL #1 (100% Heat Processed)

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Serving Size: 3-10 Drops, 60-200 servings 1oz. bottle & 120-400 servings 2 oz. bottle. Each dose contains a minimum of 20,000 ppm of Colorado, USA  harvested, Pure-Legit Shilajit in solution. (See Product Description)

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If you are new to Shilajit, or have tried Shilajit (even our original Colorado Shilajit) and have not found the anticipated health success, our LEVEL UP! products is made to help you transition into success with Shilajit. Most users who quit Shilajit use, do so for several reasons:
1. The Shilajit was fake or adulterated
2. They reacted negatively (detox effect) – bad taste does not count…
3. They did not use Shilajit long enough to establish a healthy foundational base
4. Did not understand dosing

How Shilajit is processed makes a large difference on how your body reacts. Shilajit can be the most effective whole-body cleansing agent on earth when properly purified with Cold Maceration. Cold water purification takes much more time to process than heat purification. The cold method preserves more minerals and of most import for detoxing, it preserves the Humic Acids necessary to trigger a much more powerful total body detox.

Heat purification provides more ionic power – concentrating more ions in solution. Means that heating Shilajit is more energizing but loses much of its detox powers. Heat processed Shilajit is very good to mix with other herbs and mixtures due to it’s higher ion levels.

  • You are unique and doses will vary. Adjust amounts to your response and lifestyle needs. You may desire more or less depending on what your body and mind needs. Regular users will find their dose(s) with experience. We have users taking several grams per day. Others much less. We have never encountered or found any instance of Shilajit overdose.
    • Take 3-10 drops daily. Mornings and early evenings are great, before food is best. Again, adjust amounts to your response and lifestyle needs.  Regular users always find their balance. Our staff will take several doses a day to 1 dose per day. Some days, a dose of Pure-Legit Shilajit before and or after hard physical and/or mental stress can make your day!
    • Empty dropper  in a glass of pure water – no chlorine!
      • Most user first time users dislike the taste of Shilajit. Mix with a lite touch of honey if you like. Best method is to serve it directly under the tongue! We like to say it taste like bitter dark cocoa and…don’t mix with coffee (unless you are cooking your Shilajit) as the two are antagonistic.
    • Close cap tightly after each use. Resin can harden and make it very difficult to open the cap. Run the cap under warm water to assist in opening. Better still, clean any spilled resin from the jar before you cap it.
      • If your resin is fully hard, add water and wait – all legit Shilajit is 100% water soluble. You can also heat in a pan of water.
    • You can store Pure-Legit Shilajit indefinitely.
    Product Notes
    • Dropper
    • Distilled cool water purification.
    • Naturally aspirated dehydration process
    • Calibrated ratio of Shilajit to solution

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