Pure-Legit Shilajit Site #4 400 Servings

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Each jar contains 50 grams of Colorado mined Pure-Legit Shilajit. This order is purified Shilajit from Site #4, elevation 10,003 ft., Active Site-Undisclosed, Colorado, USA. Shilajit resin is 21.5% post purification. Iron-bound gold and silver mining region. Gold type Shilajit.

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Our Site #4 feels magical. Hidden in the fold of a cave like crevasse, golden-streaked resin lightly covers the rock. The resin was mined from an area that was known for gold deposits – nugget and iron-bound. Gold can aid in optimizing a bodies electrical circuitry (think DNA repair), including destressing the mind. Fortunately, all of our Colorado Shilajit found thus far has trace amounts of gold included in with 80 other trace elements.

Usage Notes
  • Scoop Shilajit with paddle to midpoint of scoop line. This will deliver approximately .25 grams of resin. Adjust amounts to your response and lifestyle needs. You may desire more or less depending on what your body and mind needs; we are each unique. Regular users always find their balance. Our staff will take several doses a day to 1 dose per day. Some days, a dose of Pure-Legit Shilajit before or after wicked physical or mental stress can make your day!
  • Dissolve the resin in a pure glass of water. Makes little sense for us to use pure water, never, ever touching plastic and then you go use “city water.” (Why no plastic – eliminate any chance leaching bad, bad chemicals into your mix).
    • Most user dislike, no hate, the taste of Shilajit. Mix with a lite touch of honey or with tea. Hardcore users take it directly under the tongue! We like to say it taste like bitter dark cocoa…
  • Close cap tightly after each use. Resin can harden and make it very difficult to open the cap. Run the cap under warm water to assist in opening. Better still, clean any spilled resin from the jar before you cap it
    • If your resin is fully hard, add water and wait – all legit Shilajit is 100% water soluble. You can also heat in a pan of water. Low heat is best, like Vegan cooking..
  • You can store Shilajit indefinitely.
Product Features
  • Distilled water purification.
  • Naturally aspirated dehydration process
  • Calibrated ratio of Shilajit to solution
    • Measured moisture content prior Shilajit dissolution
    • Controlled dosage metric
  • Store indefinitely – close cover tightly


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