Intelligent Wellness are ideals based upon our interpretation of the words Intelligent and Wellness. These ideals provides us with what has become guiding principles; principles that venerate ideals such as honesty, compassion, wholesomeness, and love.

Intelligent: To be endowed with discernment; to know natural truths and understand facts. To have the ability to comprehend and apply learning with compassion. To be intelligent, one must be mindfully flexible and demand of oneself to be open to new conclusions as new facts are discerned.

Wellness: The state of being healthy in mind and of body as a result of deliberate contemplation and effort. True wellness insist that the final responsibility for the care of one’s whole being cannot not be subrogated to others. Wellness is holistic and the mind-body flows to wellness naturally (and we understand how not get in the way of the flow).

Intelligent Wellness Applied:

    • Imagine that everything you make or sell will be utilized by the one’s you love most.
    • If you will not use or recommend a product to others, then don’t make it and don’t sell it.
    • Use only the best ingredients. If those ingredients are available in a lesser form, be willing to lose business before substituting.
    • Share knowledge – homeopathy and naturopathic health models are not based in altered Nature or deception of human Nature. Both are based on knowledge; of plants and whole elements found in nature and how to apply them.
    • When met with derision when you tell others that you do Natural health, respect and care for them still. Trust what you know – that people thrived for millennia and thrive today without allopathic indoctrination of any kind.
    • Love life, help all to grow.

Our path to Intelligent Wellness was not truly voluntary. My wife and I, like most others who embrace Natural medicine, had been fully indoctrinated into the modern medical system and also like many others, it was a traumatic health threat that moved us to how we live today. In our case, it was the near death of our son that forced us take full responsibility for his and our “medical” lives.

Even prior to our son’s dance with death, we were very much into homeopathic health. We were already well researched regarding vaccinations, diet management, and natural living. We were already well beyond well-baby visits but when our son became ill where he could not hold food of any kind down, acid reflux causing chronic pain, we made the visit to our “doctor.” The short story is that over a period of seven months, he lost over 40% of his body weight and after over $40K of testing and “medicines,” he was getting worse! Tears of fear, sleepless nights and prayer circles…

After the last test results showed no definitive “disease” and therefore no meaningful protocol, my wife and I knew, deep in our bellies, that we had to take responsibility and get him healthy. I liken this acceptance to jumping out of an airplane (parachuting) for the first time; every cell in your body feels fear as your mind wants to shut down. Accepting ultimate responsibility for the life of our son was near overwhelming.

We overcame that fear and dove back into our knowledgebase and made a plan. So simple, yet so effective that our son, after losing nearly half his weight and 6 months of school, was gaining weight and back to better in less than 8 weeks! I will share what we did for him as well as other methods that we applied for my wife (eliminating huge uterine cystic fibroids without any surgical or medical intervention). This and similar content will be available soon to the members of our Private Membership Association – Rocky Mountain Health Club.

Surely, health is the only wealth worth pursuing as there can be no happiness without our health. May you live long in prosperity.