Elevate Your Wellness

Pure-Legit Shilajit™  “A Supreme Adaptogenic”

A Most Precious Gift

It has been less than a decade, within an exalted, often worshipful history spanning more than 4 millennia that we were guided to find our first lode of Shilajit. You may know Shilajit by other names; Shilajeet, Mumijo, Mumie, Mummy and others or perhaps by several well-known euphemisms such as “Destroyer of Weakness” or “Conqueror of Moun- tains.” Aristotle wrote extensively on the health uses of Mumie, which in Greek, translates to “to save or preserve the body.” Europeans of the Shakespearean era called Mummy the “other fountain of youth.”

A Whole Earth Living Essential – Essential For Living

Shilajit is a super-nutrient dense, ionic adaptogenic1 capable of balancing one’s body to a healthier equilibrium. Shilajit appears to optimize the endocrine system, manage hormone disbalance providing positive benefits to physical and mental energy, cognitive abilities, stress reduction, and the sleep- wake cycle. Shilajit is known to have a healing effect on the digestive tract with a notable ability to repair ulcerated intestines and limiting harmful bacterial growth2.
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Source, Trust & Middlemen

Why choose our Shilajit? We are located in Colorado, is that reason enough?

Middlemen repackagers we are not. We harness up and actually climb mountains. We recon crevasses, caves, and sheer walls at 13,000+ feet. And on very, very rare occasions, we are gifted with the heavy, hard work of prodding out then hauling Shilajit down craggy mountainsides.


A good thing has legs but a great thing, such as Shilajit, has wings. Greatness spawns questions of legitimacy, efficacy, and even safety. Are we better? As a matter of source, absolutely. With us, there is no chance of resin getting stepped on at each broker’s stop. No possibility of adulteration at any point from any other point. From cliffside to purification to the product, we own the entire chain of responsibility. Colorado may not be in your neighborhood but we’ll bet that it’s heck a lot closer than Asia and the only stop from us to you is the post office. More here >>>>>