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My name is Samio Jung K., Master Herbalist, Head Shilajit Hunter and founder of Colorado Shilajit Company. This company is an extension of our original company, Pursami Custom Naturals, where we focused on custom homeopathic mixtures for professional athletes and active people. When we established Pursami Custom Naturals, we also established a set of principles named Intelligent Wellness – principles that would assist us in maintaining excellence in every aspect of our life and business. And after these past several years of hyperbolic hysteria based on anything but intelligence, compassion and natural wellness, I’d like to share with you our Intelligent Wellness Credo. Continue ⇒

In light of Shilajit's tremendous medicinal potential, it would not be an exaggeration  to say that it can be a panacea for all human ailments and Nature's wonderful gift to   mankind. PubMed Study PCM2876922 ⇒
Colorado Shilajit Company is the first and only provider of USA harvested, purified, and packaged Shilajit. No other provider can claim absolute Chain of Quality Control. Why is that important?⇒


The lack of cellular oxygen is the single greatest cause of dis-ease among us mortals. From cancers to dementia to chronic fatigue, cellular hypoxia is generally an aspect of all dis-ease.  Always the Good Mother, Earth gives us Shilajit, a supremely ionic adaptogenic able to mitigate cellular hypoxia and the host of issues caused by the lack of cellular oxygen and carbon dioxide imbalance.  Modern studies list almost innumerable benefits to the daily inclusion of Shilajit in the diet as does benefits told to us from cultures from India to Europe beginning thousands of years ago; yes, many of Shilajit’s benefits were cataloged over 4000 thousands years ago.

Body Electric – Ionic Recharge

We humans are electric beings. Every aspect of our health (and ill-health) is directly influenced by whether or not our body is maximally charged to our ionic potential. In recent testing, purified Colorado Shilajit has shown that it has the highest levels of available ions of any known, unadulterated natural substance tested to date.

One does not have to reach far to understand why Shilajit may be the penultimate substance in advancing ones health to optimal levels – Shilajit’s known adaptogenic abilities can not only bring balance to the natural state, it can recharge the body to an optimal energetic state. More here⇒

The Supreme Plant Homeopathic 

FYI – Humic and Fulvic Acids are essential for plant health. Modern farming and gardening methods have stripped our soils of these essential acids which are critical to mineralizing the soil-to-plant-to-foodstuff cycle. Colorado Shilajit may be the most complete, 100% naturally occurring, unfractionated form of humic and fulvic compounds on this planet! Perfectly balanced by nature, Colorado Shilajit Liquid Solution improves seed germination rates, nutrient uptake, increase yields, and can dramatically increase the nutrient value of any harvest. Colorado Shilajit has partnered with another homegrown family enterprise – The Heart and Soil Project to bring you this wonderful plant essential! Order here⇒

What the Shed?!

How is it that symptoms of what is classically known as vaccine “shedding” appear in the unvaccinated when no live or even attenuated “viruses” are present in a vaccine? Regardless of the theories circulating currently that describe potential transmission of diseases, we need facts/systems that can be applied within our daily lives to impede, stop or allow recovery from vaccine induced ailments. Our minds must be open to any and every possible answer that can assist us in protecting ourselves from systemic attacks to our well being. Upcoming is a series of videos, interviews and postulations diving into alternative ideas of dis-ease transmission; Steiner, Russell, Keeley, Sheldrake and more. Coming soon on Radio Free Colorado. Your inputs will be most welcome.

Darkfield Microscopy Shilajit Blood Study

Pioneering research? Colorado Shilajit Company, along with other contributors have partnered to conduct darkfield human blood microscopy studies on the effects of Colorado Shilajit use. The study is currently active, with 11 patients undergoing baseline testing and post Shilajit intake testing. We are already seeing some exciting, differentiating results suggesting that the data will at the least, point to new information on the direct effects of Shilajit on blood.

We are desiring to extend the study period pending financial support from patrons. This study is not for commercial purposes and the results will be published for the benefit of the world community at large. Your support in this endeavor is requested! Colorado Shilajit will provide patrons with product and special, “forever” incentives. Learn more here⇒

Rock Honey – 432 Hz Tuned + Redox

Coming soon! After nearly 2 years in development and testing, a Colorado Shilajit Company joint venture with Acutone Guided Therapeutics and Mother Earth Minerals is in production. Rock Honey is a homeopathic formulation incorporating Colorado Shilajit enhanced with 432 Hz Scale Guided Tuning (C# is out first release – C# guides homeopathic elements to the blood) with DDW (deuterium depleted water) and Redox.

Rock Honey is designed for easy, palatable entry into the benefits of Shilajit with the added efficacy of frequency tuning and DDW/Redox. By incorporating the venerated research of multiple Noble Lauriat Dr. Linus Pauling, Rock Honey is optimized for efficacy using less Shilajit. Rock Honey will also be very affordable for entry level users and excellent in alternating use with full bodied Shilajit, tuned and untuned. Read more here ⇒

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