Naturally Superior - NO Doping...

Colorado Shilajit Company is an extension of my PURSAMI Custom Naturals Company – a company focused on custom homeopathic tinctures for competing athletes, with a focus on athletes who are tested by a national or international federation.

My motivation was simple at the time – I wanted to be better and podium more consistently as I was a competing cyclist, mostly weekend warrior stuff but with a smattering of National Races and later Singlespeed World Championship rides. To improve without breaking the rules – no doping of any kind as applied by the World Anti-Doping Agency – the agency that test Olympic Athletes and most all big time sporting athletes.

MAX AIR was the first big hit for the company. The journey to now began over 20 years ago when I was training for a NORBA race in Waco, TX (you oldie MTB racers may remember NORBA ; and yes, Waco had an amazing course).

Short story: I was graced with a bout bronchitis several weeks before the race. I’m holed up inside working the trainer (it was March in Wisconsin…) and I cannot train! A teammate turned me on to a homeopathic product, claiming he used it for combatting lung issues and allergies. The homeopathic worked it’s charms and in 3 days, my 10 day bout was cleared without antibiotics (which should not, I think, be applied as an aid close to any meaningful event).

I DNF’d that race due to a crash but after studying the ingredients, it was clear that with a few changes and quality upgrades, I could create a homeopathic pill that, yes, still takes care of lung infections and allergies, but also boost the health and athletic performance in a big way.

Today, MAX AIR in pill form has evovled with Shilajit being added to the product line. I no longer race but still do 100+ mile road rides and full day mountain bike rides in beautiful Colorado – No Doping, just Naturally Superior. -sjk