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Colorado Shilajit – An Introduction VIDEO

What is Shilajit?
Shilajit is an exudate of concentrated materials found oozing from mountain sides (rock), typically at elevations between 6000 feet and 16,000 feet. In the Rocky Mountains of the US, the “sweet spot” for Shilajit foraging is between 9,000 and 12,000 feet. In Colorado and Utah, this rare material can be found both below and above tree lines; in caves, crevasses of varying depth, and on sheer rock faces.

In Ayurvedic pharmacology, Shilajit is the “King Rasayogavahayana” and the ultimate yogavaha. Rasayana translates to “improve quality of plasma/blood” and thus strengthens and promoted health to all tissues of the body. [1] Yogavaha refers to any substance that has the ability to synergistically “make better” and “carry” other substances to its prescribed destination. Shilajit is the King Rasayana and Ultimate Yogavaha; it is the health tonic that towers over any other Earth-made substance.

Chemically, Shilajit is complicated! One extensive chemical study of Shilajit have indicated the occurrence of oxygenated biphenyls and three oxygenated 3, 4-benzocumarins, several phenolic , amino acid and triterpines in Shilajit. [13, 23]. And More than 81 minerals and trace elements: sodium, sulfur benzoic acid, iron, copper, zinc, manganese, magnesium, nickel, potassium, silicon, silver, sodium, barium, sulfur, iodine, strontium, rubidium, cesium, chromium, antimony, vanadium, molybdenum, phosphorus, glycosides, retinol carotenoids, Terpenoids, vitamin A, B, (including B2 and B12), vitamin C, D and E, melanoidin, polyphenols, dibenzo-alpha pyrones, riterpenes phospholipids, phenolic acids, albuminoids, benzoic and hippuric acids (and their salts) oxalic acid, tannic acid, fatty acids and bioflavonoids.

A lot to take in but Shilajit can be said to contain two primary classes of organic compounds that provide the curative powers found in Shilajit. They are:

  1. Humic Substances
  2. Non-humic organic mretabolites

The Humic substances combine to make up about 85% of Shilajit and the humic material can be divided into 3 parts:

  1. Fulvic Acids (FAs)
  2. Humic Acids (HAs)
  3. Humins (HMs)

Of these compound, compounds, FAs make up approximately 90% total Humic substance in Shilajit. FAs are key to Shilajit’s ability to mitigate health issues. FAs have a very low atomic weight (and physical size) allowing the bioactive elements in Shilajit such as oxygenated dibenzene-alpha-pyrones and their dimeric and oligomeric equivalents, [19, 20, 24], and other low molecular weight phenolic entities, along with FAs to act as an efficient carrier molecules (minerals) for uninterrupted systemic distribution and absorption. [15-16].

In simpler terms – FAs allows for the speedy and consistent absorption of minerals and nutrients into any biological, living entity, from plants to humans. No matter the matter that makes Shilajit, it is the supercharged ionic density (basically pure energy delivered directly to al cells of the body) that make Shilajit the supreme healing agent. More on that later.

Where is Shilajit found?
I now think everywhere. We began foraging for Shilajit in Colorado only 4 years ago but we and other in the areas have seen Shilajit decades ago in Colorado and other parts of the Rocky Mountains. Most of us had no clue that we were looking at Shilajit as common knowledge pointed to Asia, particularly in the Himalayan and Atlai Mountain ranges as the sources for Shilajit. We know of verified finds in Utah, British Columbia, and Chile. At the least, we hope Shilajit is indeed in every high mountainous regions of the world. Humanity is in need of such a powerhouse for healthy living and I believe that in our curated dome, the Earth provides everything we need to healthfully prosper; and most always on a perfectly and timely basis.

Types of Shilajit
Typically, there are four primary types of Shilajit and are described in the Charka Samhita (perhaps the most important ancient medical treastise of all time). Sarvana or gold Shilajit typically reddish in color; Rajat or copper Shilajit noted by its blue hue; Tamra or silver Shilajit with a white, tanslucent hue; and Lauha or iron Shilajit with dark brown to black coloring. In Colorado, we have cataloged gold, silver, and iron Shilajit. We have reconned areas where we (believe) we have spotted Copper Shilajit. We have the added resources of current and historical USGS and Colorado mining data whereby any given area can be “tagged” by the predominant ore extracted, historically and currently to assist us pre and post foraging identification. In testing, all Shilajit that we have found contain trace amounts of copper, silver, gold, and iron. Iron is the dominant element in all types of Shilajit. There is differentiation between the Shilajit types as “best for” in Ayruvedic texts but as a matter of practicality, iron Shilajit is most frequently found and most often recommended. In our experience, we have not recorded any noticeable differences in efficacy between the 3 types of Shilajit we have confirmed. All types are powerful.

How is Shilajit formed?
The research finding on this topic is arguable at best. And after 4 years of study, testing, reviews of where the exudations of Shilajit form (within a given geographic area), measuring Shilajit growth (including recharge), we think we still have much to explain as to how this amazing substance is formed. Many claim Shilajit is basically a free flowing liquid, of mostly vegetative mixed plant origin with added animal and inorganic materials.[2, 17],[18-19] One study claims that Shilajit requires latex plants (such as clover and Euphorbia royleana) [20-21] within the area to form the exudate. Another study claims that certain mosses and Liverworts were present near Shilajit sites and therefor are responsible for the formation of Shilajit. Things that make us go hmmm…I cannot and refute these studies. I can only say that none of the plants purported to be integral to the formation of Shilajit occurs near Shilajit exudations in the Rocky Mountains. But mountain are huge; perhaps these plants are found at the mountains base? Literally mile away from the Shilajit? This is entirely possible but perhaps not so probable? The areas where we find Shilajit in Colorado vary significantly geologically. The rock materials, vegetation, hydrological factor can be extremely different. After cataloging over 30 sites, we are still looking for a patterned commonalities that are actually practicable is defining the necessary material to promulgate Shilajit. The data is, thus far, not helping us (much) to guide us to Shilajit “areas.”

Most do agree, as do I, that whatever the source material, Shilajit takes a long period in time to form and reach the surface. The model that is most often referenced, believes that Shilajit is compost that is buried over time, traveling deep into a mountain whereby the pressures of weight causes heating and induces the formation of Shilajit. Not much to disagree here, right? Until we take a deeper dive into the mineral makeup of Shilajit. There are trace amounts of elements that are not charted due to being unseen unless tested with very expensive tools…this topic will discusses in more detail in a separate writing but for now let me say this: Shilajit grows in light. It appears to grow fastest in natural sunlight.

Traditional uses of Shilajit
Shilajit has been in use for assisting and improving the human condition for over four thousand years. In Ayurveda, Shilajit is extensively used by Hindu physicians for a variety of ailments. Shilajit is claimed to be effective against tuberculosis, chronic bronchitis, and asthma, digestive issues such as IBS, hormone balancing for men and women, bladder control, diseases of the nerves, skin diseases, as a system-wide anti-inflammatory, and speeding the mending of fractured bones. Shilajit is also highly claimed for its anti-aging and physical and mental rejuvenating powers.

Shilajit Benefit Claims in Scientific Studies
Free radical scavenger, Mast Cell Protector, Spermatogenic, Ovogenic, Anti-inflammatory, Anti-diabetic, Immunomodulator, Antifungal, Antiviral, Brown Adipose Tissue (fat) Burner, Arthritis, Psoriasis, Skin Legions, Cellular Oxygen Uptake, Digestive System Corrective, Blood Cleanser, Toxic Waste Removal, Anti-parasitic, and more….

There is a story from an ancient Arabic text describing a cave filled with Mumijo. The Sultan demanded that sentries be posted to guard the cave as one would a great treasure. Once every year, servants were sent to harvest this treasure. Shilajit was at one time, equal in value to its weight in gold.

Our “guardianship” of Shilajit has one singular goal – to provide pure Shilajit. For us, purity must begin and end with verifiable trust. In our case verifiable trust means this:
•Our Shilajit, when harvested, is cataloged by the harvester documenting location, elevation, and area geomorphology.
•We do not purchase Shilajit, raw or processed from anyone. Only Shilajit directly harvested in the USA by us, enters our production process.
•Our purification process preserves Shilajit as a “Living, Whole Essence,” utilizing zero chemicals, plastics, or high heat.
•The chain of custody is ours – from harvesting to packaging, we do not allow any possibility of degradation of our Shilajit products.

We are grateful that, from our back yard, we have been given such Natural wealth to share with you. The veneration of Shilajit is ancient, spiritual, perhaps even bordering on the divine; And in these times of toxic bombardment from every angle impacting all aspects of our health; with our food now almost devoid of mineral nutrients, Shilajit, like pure water and air, should be considered a daily necessity.

Some studies to review if you like:

Our Shilajit is mined from multiple sites along the Colorado portion of the Continental Divide. The geomorphology between sites varies, in some cases so dramatically that as we begin to classify and catalog sites, we can categorically state that this Shilajit is from here! Our goal is to have enough sites and data to have the ability to classify a site's "type" (that alone has its issues and questions). Thus far, we cannot correlate Shilajit to any mappable geography - site geo-variances are literally all over the map.

To homegenize or not, that was the question. Do we blend the Shilajit from different sites? After all, it's all Shilajit. Tests show expected differences in component concentrations but not with enough variability to state one site Shilajit is better, worse, or even different. Yet knowing that each site has unique characteristics and those characteristics manifest variances, "wouldn't it be interesting to experience those differences?"

After some consideration, we opted not to homegenize the Shilajit harvested from different sites. That we would offer Shilajit linked to each site. It would be easier to "blend" Shilajit from various sites, it's what every other Shilajit seller does. But we realized that as actual miners of the Shilajit resin and unlike a middleman repacker, we intimately know the sites. Our experience in growing and nurturing life tells us differences matter, often matter immensely.

We are not certain ourselves what variables each site contributes to healing yet we know that Master Ayurveda practitioners demand differing types of Shilajit depending on the ailment. At the least, we desire to know if a practicable difference exists between Shilajit found in differing geography. Actual Shilajit sites vary considerably in both composition of rock and general environment (read more in Blogs).

We loosely classify each site's Shilajit resin based on the area (see Testing for more details). In Colorado, regional mining maps tell us what ores and minerals the area predominantly held. Along the Divide, gold and silver mining was prevalent. In most areas, the ore is bound to iron. One of our sites is clearly in an iron-bound gold and silver region, while another site was primarily gold-laden nugget and bound gold.

Each site has its uniqueness; we hope more than a few of you know what that uniqueness brings. Please share with us as we will with you as we begin testing Shilajit for weighted saturation potential, synergistic homeopathic marriages, and alchemical study.

Yeah, we are not going to be a goto, all you need to know about the everything web site. Please do spend quality time and educate yourself. A wonderful trait of Shilajit is that you don't have to know a thing about it to appreciate what it brings to your Wellness. Trust us? Sure, yes...but don't let that be enough...

Each dose contains a minimum of 20K/40K (depending on purchase) ppm of Shilajit as TDS. Shilajit may settle depending primarily on storage temperature. Shake vigorously and/or concuss the bottle prior to use. Shilajit is very safe and there are no records showing Shialjit overdoses. We find that consistent users will find their daily intake levels. Depending on your current state of balance and life circumstance, you may take more or less per serving or take more than one serving per day. If you utilize a Naturopathic practitioner, take your Colorado Shilajit on your next visit and determine your best current dosing with heart rate, blood, muscle or other testing. Your optimal dose may be as little as 1-3 drops per serving. The healthier you get, you may desire Shilajit for its energy potential versus its detox/cleansing potential. In-shape, clean professional atheletes take very high doses - the dosing is increased over months... The chart below is derived from results of our live blod study of beginning Colorado Shilajit users (minimum 20K ppm). Approximately 1 person in 10 may experience a detox reaction or other discomfort. This appears to happen with person with severe toxcicity or are hypersensitive to changes in blood energy. In cases such as this, reduce dose to 1 drop per serving for 1 week, then increase by one drop per serving every 3rd day. Adjust as needed. Best Methods for Intake:
  • Mornings and early evening before eating will present the most noticeable effects.
  • Shilajit is bitter, really bitter! The most effective method is simply to place the drops or resin directly under your tongue and hold it for 30-45 seconds.
    • You may also mix your Pure-Legit Shilajit with pure water (RO water is fine - no chlorine)
    • Add honey to your water if you like
    • We do not recommend adding to coffee or any substance that counters the PH of the Shilajit
  • If you consistently desire more Shilajit, take more servings versus more per serving.
Too many benefits to list in detail - Shilajit is simply incredible when it comes to its potential for improving your health.
  • Rejuvenates the entire body (yes! - we have experienced this ourselves)
  • Increase intelligence (yes!)
  • Can eliminate constipation (yes!)
  • Improves muscle strength (yes!)
  • Strengthens lungs, relieves breathing difficulties, coughs (yes!)
  • Improves endurance - muscular and respiratory (yes! now you know what pro cyclists and runners use!)
  • Improves sex drive, increases testosterone production in men (yes!)
  • Improve fertility (yes!)
  • Anti-aging
  • Improves complexion (yes!)
  • Prevents/Corrects Leaky Gut (yes!)
  • Increases metabolism (yes!)
  • Eliminates many skin problems (yes! use topically on psoriasis, rashes; great foe pets too. )
  • Reduces varicose veins (yes!)
  • Removal of intestinal parasites (yes!)
  • Aids in reducing and eliminating Type II Diabetes (yes!)
  • Pet health (yes! place drop in water)
  • Plant health - increases yields (yes!)
  • Chelates monovalent and divalent elements - incredible heavy metal detox potential (yes!)
Some studies to review if you like: Be informed but you can spend weeks researching the legitimate benefits from Shilajit. Get some now - you are worth it! >>>
We test the purified resin of Shilajit from each of our sites. We are finding that Colorado Shilajit varies negligibly in its mineral content between geographically separated sites. The primary reason we test is twofold: the first is to verify safety and the second is to collect data for research.   Mneral Components in Pure-Legit Shilajit
Aluminum Indium Selenium
Antimony Iridium Silver
Barium Iron Strontium
Beryllium Lanthanum Tantalum
Bismuth Lithium Tellurium
Boron Lutetium Terbium
Cerium Manganese Thallium
Cesium Molybdenum Thorium
Chromium Nickel Thulium
Cobalt Niobium Tin
Copper Osmium Titanium
Dysprosium Palladium Tungsten
Erbium Platinum Uranium
Europium Praseodymium Vanadium
Gadolinium Rhenium Ytterbium
Gallium Rhodium Yttrium
Germanium Rubidium Zinc
Gold Ruthenium Zirconium
Hafnium Samarium
Holmium Scandium

Imagine our delight when the first lodes of Shilajit were proved out right here in our back yard - the Continental Divide, Colorado USA! To be gifted with one of Nature's pillars of Wellness - speechless.

Here are some principles we stick to:

  • We consume what we make and insist on knowing that which we intake is purely grown and purely made, purely whole and wholly purposeful.
  • We live where we harvest (literally for one of our team). We care about our beautiful mountains and practice non-destructive harvesting.
  • Our employees are paid true living wages (owners not so much).
  • No shortcuts. We thrive with slow and methodical; patience and thoughtfulness always brings out the best in everything.
  • We practice nepotism everyday.

Thank you for checking us out. We are incredibly excited to share with you our bounty. And we are grateful to be in this "feel good business" - it's good work if you can get it.

Please do take a scan of our offerings from our group of companies. Good stuff!

NOTE: We reserved the right not to ship products on Powder Days between the months of December and March. (Powder Day is any morning where 8 or more inches of dry, Colorado powder has fallen in the last 24 hours. Thanks and join us here>>>>>

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