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Colorado Shilajit – An Introduction VIDEO – Part 1

You may know Shilajit by other names; Shilajeet, Mumijo, Mumie, Mummy and others or perhaps by several well-known euphemisms such as “Destroyer of Weakness” or “Conqueror of Mountains.” Aristotle wrote extensively on the health uses of Mumie, which in Greek, translates to “to save or preserve the body.” Europeans of the Shakespearean era called Mummy the “other fountain of youth.”

Shilajit is a super-nutrient dense, ionic adaptogenic1 capable of balancing one’s body to a healthier equilibrium. Shilajit appears to optimize the endocrine system, manage hormone disbalance providing positive benefits to physical and mental energy, cognitive abilities, stress reduction, and the sleep- wake cycle. Shilajit is known to have a healing effect on the digestive tract with a notable ability to repair ulcerated intestines and limiting harmful bacterial growth2.

Shilajit is considered one of the most concentrated bio- available forms of natural Humic and Fulvic Acids3, detoxifying heavy metals and re-mineralizing cells. Shilajit is a powerful anti-inflammatory providing potential relief to arthritis and other pain causing inflammatory conditions4.

Shilajit is a supreme oxygenator5. High altitude societies such as the Sherpas, have known for centuries what modern science is now “proving”; Shilajit alters the body’s ability to absorb and release oxygen. Shilajit could be called “the breath of life.” Do we have to wonder much why 60+ year old Sherpas still can pack 100 lbs. of payload at 20,000 feet?

Historically, Shilajit is a resin/tar like substance found oozing from mountainsides of the Himalayan Mountains and the Caucasus Mountain Ranges. In fact, until several years ago, Asia was thought to be the only place where Mother Earth provided Shilajit. Enter the Rocky Mountains of the Americas, verified in Colorado, USA.

We have been gifted with a most precious, perhaps the greatest of any possible gift – the gift of a Whole Earth Living, Breathing Essence that is called Shilajit.

There is a story from an ancient Arabic text describing a cave filled with Mumijo. The Sultan demanded that sentries be posted to guard the cave as one would a great treasure. Once every year, servants were sent to harvest this treasure. Shilajit was at one time, equal in value to its weight in gold.

Our “guardianship” of Shilajit has one singular goal – to provide pure Shilajit. For us, purity must begin and end with verifiable trust. In our case verifiable trust means this:
•Our Shilajit, when harvested, is cataloged by the harvester documenting location, elevation, and area geomorphology.
•We do not purchase Shilajit, raw or processed from anyone. Only Shilajit directly harvested by us enters our production process.
•Our purification process preserves Shilajit as a “Living, Whole Essence,” utilizing zero chemicals, plastics, or essence destroying high speed centrifugal dehydration.
•The chain of custody is ours – from harvesting to packaging, we do not allow any possibility of degradation of our Shilajit products.

We are grateful that, from our back yard, we have been given such Natural wealth to share with you.

The veneration of Shilajit is ancient, spiritual, perhaps even bordering on the divine; now, Shilajit is also venerated in peer-reviewed analysis. And in these times of toxic bombardment from every angle impacting all aspects of our health; with our food now almost devoid of mineral nutrients, Shilajit, like pure water and air, should be considered a daily necessity.

Some studies to review if you like:

Our Shilajit is mined from multiple sites along the Colorado portion of the Continental Divide. The geomorphology between sites varies, in some cases so dramatically that as we begin to classify and catalog sites, we can categorically state that this Shilajit is from here! Our goal is to have enough sites and data to have the ability to classify a site's "type" (that alone has its issues and questions). Thus far, we cannot correlate Shilajit to any mappable geography - site geo-variances are literally all over the map.

To homegenize or not, that was the question. Do we blend the Shilajit from different sites? After all, it's all Shilajit. Tests show expected differences in component concentrations but not with enough variability to state one site Shilajit is better, worse, or even different. Yet knowing that each site has unique characteristics and those characteristics manifest variances, "wouldn't it be interesting to experience those differences?"

After some consideration, we opted not to homegenize the Shilajit harvested from different sites. That we would offer Shilajit linked to each site. It would be easier to "blend" Shilajit from various sites, it's what every other Shilajit seller does. But we realized that as actual miners of the Shilajit resin and unlike a middleman repacker, we intimately know the sites. Our experience in growing and nurturing life tells us differences matter, often matter immensely.

We are not certain ourselves what variables each site contributes to healing yet we know that Master Ayurveda practitioners demand differing types of Shilajit depending on the ailment. At the least, we desire to know if a practicable difference exists between Shilajit found in differing geography. Actual Shilajit sites vary considerably in both composition of rock and general environment (read more in Blogs).

We loosely classify each site's Shilajit resin based on the area (see Testing for more details). In Colorado, regional mining maps tell us what ores and minerals the area predominantly held. Along the Divide, gold and silver mining was prevalent. In most areas, the ore is bound to iron. One of our sites is clearly in an iron-bound gold and silver region, while another site was primarily gold-laden nugget and bound gold.

Each site has its uniqueness; we hope more than a few of you know what that uniqueness brings. Please share with us as we will with you as we begin testing Shilajit for weighted saturation potential, synergistic homeopathic marriages, and alchemical study.

Yeah, we are not going to be a goto, all you need to know about the everything web site. Please do spend quality time and educate yourself. A wonderful trait of Shilajit is that you don't have to know a thing about it to appreciate what it brings to your Wellness. Trust us? Sure, yes...but don't let that be enough...

Each dose contains a minimum of 40K ppm of Shilajit as TDS. Shilajit may settle depending primarily on storage temperature. Shake vigorously and/or concuss the bottle prior to use. Shilajit is very safe and there are no records showing Shialjit overdoses. We find that consistent users will find their daily intake levels. Depending on your current state of balance and life circumstance, you may take more per serving or take more than one serving per day. A dose of Pure-Legit Shialjit midday, before or after mental or physical stress can make one feel great! Best Methods for Intake:
  • Mornings, before eating will present the most noticeable effects.
  • Shilajit is bitter, really bitter! The most effective method is simply to place the drops or resin directly under your tongue and hold it for 30-45 seconds.
    • You may also mix your Pure-Legit Shilajit with pure water (RO water is fine - no chlorine)
    • Add honey to your water if you like
    • We do not recommend adding to coffee or any substance that counters the PH of the Shilajit
  • If you consistently desire more Shilajit, take more servings versus more per serving.

Too many benefits to list in detail - Shilajit is simply incredible when it comes to its potential for improving your health.

  • Rejuvenates the entire body (yes! - we have experienced this ourselves)
  • Increase intelligence (yes!)
  • Can eliminate constipation (yes!)
  • Improves muscle strength (yes!)
  • Strengthens lungs, relieves breathing difficulties, coughs (yes!)
  • Improves endurance - muscular and respiratory (yes! now you know what pro cyclists and runners use!) 
  • Improves sex drive, increases testosterone production in men (yes!)
  • Improve fertility
  • Anti-aging
  • Improves complexion (yes!)
  • Prevents gastrointestinal tumors
  • Increases metabolism (yes!)
  • Eliminates many skin problems (yes! use topically on psoriasis, rashes; great foe pets too. )
  • Reduces varicose veins (yes!)
  • Removal of intestinal parasites
  • Aids in reducing and eliminating Type II Diabetes (yes!)
  • Pet health (yes! place drop in water)
  • Plant health - increases yields (yes!)
  • Chelates monovalent and divalent elements - incredible heavy metal detox potential (yes!)

Some studies to review if you like:

Be informed but you can spend weeks researching the legitimate benefits from Shilajit. Get some now - you are worth it! >>>

We test the purified resin of Shilajit from each of our sites. We are finding that Colorado Shilajit varies negligibly in its mineral content between geographically separated sites. The primary reason we test is twofold: the first is to verify safety and the second is to collect data for research. You may be thinking that we should be testing for Shilajit but what is Shilajit? Shilajit, like Nature itself, it can only be known in its totality; its component parts play roles as an influencer to the totality. Perhaps an example/lesson from Naturopathic medicine and peer-reviewed research may clarify this doublespeak. Modern, allopathic medicine values parts over the whole. The body is treated in parts and as parts. And so too does modern medicine take parts of something - plants, animals, petros - to treat ailments. Natural medicine stresses the whole, as in the whole body, and the whole plant, etc. Oil of Oregano is a solid example separating the two concepts (and testing). Oregano oil is a well-known agent for fighting bacterial infections, fungus attacks, and respiratory optimizer (can kill certain lung infections in minutes). Modern medical science points to the three primary substances found Oil of Oregano; Carvacrol (super bacteria killer), Thymol (antifungal, immune system), and Rosmarinic acid (super antioxidant). The gist - when Carvacrol is extracted and purified to only contain 100% Carvacrol, pharma, and modern science tells us that we now have the strongest antibacterial agent made by nature. When we extract Thymol, we now have a most powerful antifungal agent. Studies prove this to be false in this and every other instance. 100% Carvacrol is 60%-80% less effective in killing bacteria than any whole, unadulterated Oil of Oregano. 100% Thymol is 45%-60% less effective in killing fungus than any whole, unadulterated Oil of Oregano. The Whole is Natural. The Whole is Effective. The Whole is the only unit the human body desires and accepts without a potential negative response. A good rule to know - don't ever buy any product that claims to be "standardized" or "contains standardized extract." You are buying parts that can never be "best" without its other parts that were removed. Like Oil of Oregano and all things Natural, if your Shilajit is legit, the analytics, for the point of view of efficacy is not all-important. Mneral Components in Pure-Legit Shilajit
Aluminum Indium Selenium
Antimony Iridium Silver
Barium Iron Strontium
Beryllium Lanthanum Tantalum
Bismuth Lithium Tellurium
Boron Lutetium Terbium
Cerium Manganese Thallium
Cesium Molybdenum Thorium
Chromium Nickel Thulium
Cobalt Niobium Tin
Copper Osmium Titanium
Dysprosium Palladium Tungsten
Erbium Platinum Uranium
Europium Praseodymium Vanadium
Gadolinium Rhenium Ytterbium
Gallium Rhodium Yttrium
Germanium Rubidium Zinc
Gold Ruthenium Zirconium
Hafnium Samarium
Holmium Scandium

Imagine our delight when the first lodes of Shilajit were proved out right here in our back yard - the Continental Divide, Colorado USA! To be gifted with one of Nature's pillars of Wellness - speechless.

Here are some principles we stick to:

  • We consume what we make and insist on knowing that which we intake is purely grown and purely made, purely whole and wholly purposeful.
  • We live where we harvest (literally for one of our team). We care about our beautiful mountains and practice non-destructive harvesting.
  • Our employees are paid true living wages (owners not so much).
  • No shortcuts. We thrive with slow and methodical; patience and thoughtfulness always brings out the best in everything.
  • We practice nepotism everyday.

Thank you for checking us out. We are incredibly excited to share with you our bounty. And we are grateful to be in this "feel good business" - it's good work if you can get it.

Please do take a scan of our offerings from our group of companies. Good stuff!

NOTE: We reserved the right not to ship products on Powder Days between the months of December and March. (Powder Day is any morning where 8 or more inches of dry, Colorado powder has fallen in the last 24 hours. Thanks and join us here>>>>>

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