458.2Hz A# Liver-Gallbladder-Tendons


458.2Hz A# frequency ( 432Hz scale) guides healing to the liver, gallbladder, and tendons (sinew). See chart here⇒

If you do not have a specific area of health that you want to target but would like to experience the tuning effects, 271.5 C# is the recommended choice. (GDV testing show Puretone tuning to concentrate ions resulting in more focused, dense ion distribution where users experience “smoother” amping of energy immediately after intake.)

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The next generation of health? Hardly—we began with the WORD, and all things in this universe vibrate if they are to exist at all. Specific resonating frequencies have been in use for thousands of years for healing across all cultures around the world. Traditional Chinese Medicine (among other ancient practices and cultures) provides a detailed knowledge base of pure tones used to heal both mental and physical ailments.

In collaboration with resonance guru, Master of TCM, and practicing healer Dr. Dean Lloyd of the Acutone Institute of Oriental Medicine, we bring you Vibrato: Pitch Perfect Health. Vibrato Shilajit fortifies the existing Earth frequency of Shilajit with 432Hz scale and five frequencies that target specific organs and areas of the body.

Each Vibrato frequency is 12x hand-tuned using analog, pure-tones in 432Hz. For those of you who find this work “out there” or perplexing, I encourage you to take a look into sympathetic vibratory physics and do research on sonic healing in general; the information available on vibration-infused healing is vast. Consider reading Dr. Lloyd’s book Acutone: A New System of Healing Based on the Ancient Science of Sound,” found at acutone.com. If you are into music theory, the book is eye-opening. And if you know even a bit about resonance physics, Vibrato: Pitch Perfect Health is one more provenance that life is vibration; in this case, the perfect vibrations make for great health. Samio Jung K.

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Vibrato 458.2 A#

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