Bi-Ionic Charged Mineral Tonics


Serving Size 1 oz: 3-9 Drops,   75-150 Servings.
Serving Size 2 oz: 3-9 Drops, 150-300 Servings.
1X = Ionic-nano minerals +1500K ppm ABSOLUTE FULVIC
2X = Ionic-nano minerals +3000K ppm ABSOLUTE FULVIC
3X = Ionic-nano minerals +4500K ppm ABSOLUTE FULVIC

Imagine being healthier, more energetic, clear minded and feeling the best that you have ever felt. Bi-Ionic Charged Mineral Tonics can do just that! ABSOLUTE FULVIC™ supercharged bi-ionic minerals invigorates every cell in your body, moves the bad stuff out and aids in rebuilding cells back to their best potential.

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Dosing: Add 3-9 drops to 4 ounces of pure water (distilled is best). Take twice daily. Get the best absorption potential by holding in mouth for 30 seconds.

New to SHILAJIT (shee-la-gee) or ABSOLUTE FULVIC tonics and supplements? We recommend begining with minimal doses and increasing the amount of drops over time. Your weight, lifestyle, and living environs will demand more or less supplementation. If you have not done any (proper) detoxing in recent times, your body may react with initial discomfort. Our studies show this reaction may be very discomfitting to 1 in 10 first time users. This can be due to hypersensitivity and/or the body is heavily toxic (typically with heavy metals & graphene oxide). Lower your dose and increase later pending your response.

Some experience excellent feedback from first dose to last whereby an increase in dosing is desired. At some point, LEVEL UP! – to the higher 2X or 3X concentrations and up your health potential. Ready or maybe not, the ultimate health and performance levels can be reached with Pure Colorado Shilajit with concentrations at 20X.

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Weight 2.6 oz
BI-IONIC Charged Mineral Tonic

1 oz. 1X Concentrate, 1oz. 2X Concentrate, 1oz. 3X Concentrate, 2 oz. 1X Concentrate, 2oz. 2X Concentrate, 2oz. 3X Concentrate


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