Serving Size: 2-10 Drops

MAX AIR is in my “Daily Use” protocol during high output sessions (mountaineering, mountain biking, etc.). Most user will feel the effects of MAX AIR after 1 or 2 doses – lung expansion and increased O2 uptake happens for everyone and some will feel this affect more than others. MAX AIR, due to the Pure Legit Shilajit and the herbal components in the ingredients, is by far the best whole body detox I have ever used in my 30 years of homeopathy.

It is gentle but exceptionally effective in removing daily and built-up toxins such heavy metals, glycophosphates, graphene oxide, herbicides, pesticides, chemtrail components and much more. MAX AIR is great at regulating mucus build up caused by certain foods, allergies, and toxins.

I believe MAX AIR should be in everyone’s wellness kit – performing athlete or not. -samio jung

Imagine being healthier, more energetic, clear minded and feeling the best that you have ever felt. Pure Colorado Shilajit invigorates every cell in your body, moves the bad stuff out and aids in rebuilding cells back to their best potential.

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Dosing: Take up to twice daily or as needed. Get the best absorption potential by holding in mouth for 30 seconds. Add to pure water (distilled is best) to reduce sharpness of Colorado Shilajit. Begin with lower dose. MAX AIR is both a full  body detox cleasner and energizer. We recommend taking lower doses, then increase daily intake over a period of several weeks. Atheletes should consider synchronizing MAX AIR intake amounts to their peak perfomance competition goals.

  • Begin with 3-5 drops of MAX AIR twice daily
  • How do you feel after your first three days of MAX AIR…
  • If you are feeling uncomfortable – mild headache gnerally, keep to your dose for 7 days
    • Then increase your dose by 1 drop every 5 days up to 10 drops per dose.
  • If you feel awesome – keep to  your dose for 5 days
    • Then Increase your dose by two drops other day up to 10 drops per dose
  • Member Athletes – please use your MAX AIR High Performance Health Protocol.
  • MAX can be used daily. We recommend stopping intake for 10 days after every 120 days of intake.


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